Western Traveller & Intercultural development (WTID) is a community development organisation and youth work provider in the Tuam area. The organisation as it currently stands was reformed in 1994, previously known as Tuam Travellers Education and Development Association, and before that Tuam Traveller Support Group. WTID became a Limited Company in 1994. This has ensured the positive development of the organisation.

To respond to a changing society with different needs the Board of Management rather than just giving support believed it was necessary for the organisation to become more active in providing services such as provision of advice regarding the wider social determinants of health, youth service provision, training and educational services programmes to all in our community.

WTID provides a space to the following to operate their service from: Citizens Information, Seetec Employment and Skills Ireland, Alcoholics Anonymous, Simon Community, Cairde Mná (The women’s Shed), Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, youth groups, Galway County Council, Tusla Child and Family Agency, GAA, resident’s associations and music teachers of various instruments.

Tuam acts as an important residential centre in North Galway. The town retains a distinct cultural identity, associated with its significant ecclesiastical heritage and its high population percentage comprising of members of the Travelling community. The All Ireland Traveller Health Study 2010 found there to be 255 Traveller families residing in Tuam town urban and rural.

WTID has had many achievements since its inception in 1994, however, there are still many issues that affect Travellers and other groups who experience marginalisation in our community. Our aim is to address these obstacles and work with members of the community and services to help overcome them. Since its foundation WTID has addressed and continues to highlight and actively advocate for educational, training, employment, accommodation and social opportunities for Travellers.

In the last number of years, we have broadened our client base by providing services, employment and training to other groups in Tuam town experiencing marginalisation. We have received no additional funding to carry out this important work.