Bru Bhride Arts Hub has emerged as a vibrant center for artistic expression, fostering a diverse range of projects spanning visual arts, drama, woodwork and music. Within its newly renovated Arts Hub, numerous initiatives have flourished, displaying the talents and stories of young emerging artists. Particularly noteworthy are the endeavors undertaken by youth members of St Christophers Youth Club , whose perspectives and voices have found resonance through various public exhibitions and performances. In the realm of visual arts, Bru Bhride Arts Hub has been a canvas for innovative creations and explorations of identity. One standout exhibition, titled ‘About Me’, delved into the intricate art of portraiture, offering a glimpse into the lives and personalities of its subjects. Youth artists poured their experiences, dreams, and aspirations onto the portraits, creating a rich tapestry of narratives that transcended cultural boundaries. This work was exhibited in Tuam Town hall and Galway City Library and documented in the National Traveller Archive in the Dublin National Museum.

Another Art Project titled ‘Through Our Eyes’ explored the medium of ceramics, making tiles as a vehicle for storytelling. Drawing inspiration from their heritage, traditions, and experiences, young artists imbued each tile with layers of meaning and symbolism. This work was exhibited in Tuam Library.

In the area of drama, Bru Bhride Arts Hub has provided a space for Drama workshops and film making projects which were facilitated by Nationally recognized actors. Music also has a place Bru Bhride Arts Hub. Regular singing and guitar playing classes with Music Generation are available for those interested. Through collaborative jam sessions, songwriting workshops, open mic nights, aspiring musicians have found mentorship and encouragement to pursue their passion.

Bru Bhride Arts Hub stands as a testament to the transformative power of art in fostering dialogue, understanding, and social change. Through its diverse array of projects spanning visual arts, drama, music and woodwork, this creative enclave has provided a platform for youth members of the Traveller Community to share their stories, challenge stereotypes, and forge connections across divides.