Specification of Requirements

Overview of requirements:

Alt caravans must be robust and of such quality that the recipient can reasonably expect that, subject to normal living conditions, they will last for a reasonable length of time i.e. at least the length of the Loan Agreement.

Residential Specification BS 3632:2015 is British Standard industry norm for permanent residence mobile homes and gives guidance on thermal insulation, materials, equipment, etc. used to build and insulate caravans for permanent residence.

With this in mind, the following specifications should be considered as a necessary in the provision of caravans.

Must have the winter package as the minimum standard.

Windows and doors must have PVC double glazing.

An “A rated” energy efficient gas central heating (condenser is preferable).

All electrics must be certified and RGI gas certification is required on alt gas appliances.

Fully fitted kitchen with integrated cooking and venting.

Fully fitted bathroom/shower with hot and cold supply to wash hand basin.

External weather proof socket to industry standard as follows:

  • Mobile – 32 amp single phase female socket with a 32 amp male socket.
  • Caravan – 16 amp single phase female socket with a 16 amp male socket.

Insulate any external water tank (where appropriate) and atl pipework.

Mains operated smoke detector with rechargeable lithium cell back-up in kitchen area and attached to an external sounder.

A carbon monoxide detector, fire blanket and small fire extinguisher is also required.

At least 12 month warranty.

The following are desirable but not necessary:

Low energy or LED lighting.

TV and USB points.

All caravans should come with a warranty and all suppliers should explicitly state the warranty period from the time of purchase as well as any free servicing period that applies to the caravan and what is covered by the warranty terms.

Conditions of the Scheme

  • The amount of a loan advanced will be subject to a maximum of €40,000 inclusive of VAT
  • The owner of the caravan must provide 5% of the purchase price. In cases of hardship local authorities may use discretion. A maximum of €40,000 per application for all costs will be funded by the Department to the local authority
  • In order to ensure affordability, the monthly loan repayment amounts will be calculated at a preferential rate based on the price of the caravan/mobile and the income of the household
  • The loan will be for a specified period of time which will be agreed in advance and based on the expected life-span of the caravan/mobile
  • The loan will not cover costs of any modification or style preferences to the caravan/mobile

Responsibilities of the Borrower

  • Identifying potential caravan/mobiles for purchase and providing 3 quotations from Local Authority approved suppliers
  • Pay 5% of the purchase price of the caravan/mobile and at least €500 of this should be paid at initial application stage
  • Maintaining the caravan/mobile
  • Consent to the mandatory Central Credit Register (CCR) enquiry. This consent will be used to conduct a new enquiry as part of the credit assessment process.
  • Complying with conditions agreed with the local authority including where the caravan/ mobile should be situated and the circumstances in which a caravan/mobile can be moved from the agreed site

Responsibilities of the Local Authority

  • Must ensure that caravans/mobiles are purchased from approved, VAT registered suppliers
  • Must satisfy themselves that the caravan/mobile is of an appropriate standard
  • Must ensure that the caravan/mobile will be put in a location acceptable to the local authority
  • Must ensure that the loan be repaid at regular intervals i.e. weekly, monthly etc., and if appropriate through the Household Budget Scheme
Application forms can be obtain at PHC, Brú Bhríde