Aim: Positive Ageing Week 2021 is an opportunity to shine a light on all the positive contributions of older people in our communities, and to create a buzz in the city and county which highlights positivity of older age.

One part of the campaign is to showcase older people in our communities who we know to be active contributors to friends, family, neighbourhoods and communities and /or who epitomise healthy and active ageing.

Do you know someone like this?

Wouldn’t it be great to showcase them during Positive Ageing Week?

Here’s what to do:

  1. Write a short description of the person (no more than 200 words), describing their contribution and /or describe their approach to healthy and active ageing
  2. Get their written permission to use the bio and photo in the media during positive ageing week (using the Media Permission Form attached)
  3. Get a photo of the person that they are willing to have used for the promotion.

I attach some bios below as an example in order to take a fairly consistent approach.

Return the bios to Jacquie Lynskey  by the middle of August with the accompanying media permission form and photo.


Other aspects of Positive Ageing Week will be

  1. School children thanking their grandparents(s) or an older person they know for their contribution to their lives / family / neighbourhood
  2. An art exhibition showcasing the theme of positive ageing
  3. A lively and active social media presence across agencies and media using a coordinated hashtag (possibly #Galwaypositiveageingweek) and showcasing examples of the above
  4. And others, so any ideas you have would be very much appreciated


Jacquie Lynskey, Head of Senior Services at COPE Galway / 086 0211110